| Call for papers

What is called a “refugee crisis” from a European perspective is a well-known phenomenon in the Global South. Far from Europe, experiences on housing and integrating refugees and displaced persons have been collected for decades.

Though the situation in each country is specific and policies towards refugees and migrants show an enormous variety, some of the challenges that hosting communities face are similar, irrespective of where on the globe there are. Unfortunately, knowledge and research about refugee and migrant policies and practices in the Global South is still overshadowed by attention to the Global North. This is despite the fact that the future planning and implementation of refugee policies in the West could benefit from the ample, often innovative experiences and learning processes made elsewhere. In fact, fewer governmental rules and regulations as well as a lack of resources can be a breeding ground for innovation and creativity.

The focus of this conference is on research results regarding innovative best practices from around the globe for the housing and integration of refugees and displaced persons. We are interested for contributions on the following topics:
1) Housing for refugees and displaced persons
2) Integration of refugees and displaced persons

Though the conferences is practice-orientated, we are seeking an interdisciplinary debate bringing together social scientists (anthropologists, historians, political scientists, sociologists, psychologists, economists etc.) and practitioners with particular research and practice experience from the global South. The aim is to consider to what extent global experiences can be transferred, adapted and implemented at a national, regional and local context in the Global North and in Germany particular.

Find futher information here. The deadline for submission is the 19th January 2018. Authors are invited to submit an abstract for individual paper proposals of up to 300 words, which should include the title of the paper. Please submit your proposal to: conferences.abi[at]abi.uni-freiburg.de