Wehr, Dr. Ingrid

ingrid.wehr [at] abi.uni-freiburg.de
Areas of Research: 
Main areas of research: Welfare Regimes and Social Policy in Latin America, Democracy, the "New" Left and Inequality in Latin America, Comparative Analysis of Transitional Justice, Development Policy (especially recent work) and Development Theory Region
Regional Focus: 
Latin America, especially Cono Sur


Current research project

(together with DesiguALdades.net, Free University of Berlin: "Welfare Regime Reforms in Latin America: the new left and complex social inequalities (principal investigator and member of the executive board of DesiguALdades.net)

Membership in Academic Associations

ADLAF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Lateinamerikaforschung, German Association for the Research on Latin America) member of Executive Board, 11/2000 - 11/2004 and again since 2010-2014

LASA (Latin American Studies Association), member of Labour Section

DVPW (Deutsche Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft: German Association of Political Science), between 09/2009 and 09/2012 Member of Scientific Board and Standing Committee on Gender Issues, between 10/2002 and 09/2012: member of Executive Board of Section "Development Theory and Policy)

ECPR (European Consortium of Political Research), Member of Standing Group on Latin America

RC19-ISA, (International Sociological Association): Research Committee on Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy

Since 06/2011: Principal Investigator and Member of Executive Board of DesiguALdades.net

Member of Editorial Board and Advisory Comitteee of Peripherie and Femina Politica