Willers, Dr. Susanne

susanne.willers [at] abi.uni-freiburg.de
Areas of Research: 
Migration, gender and violence, forced migration and refugee protection, care and transnational families
Regional Focus: 
Latin America (Central America and Mexico)


Platzhalterbild Zeitschriftenartikel (Wiss.)
Zeitschriftenartikel (Wiss.)
Willers, Dr. Susanne
Social Inclusion
This article aims to analyse the difficulties Central American refugee women face when applying for refugee protection in Mexico and how they negotiate survival during this process. Claiming refugee protection is an important legal mechanism to ensure survival, but managing this process successfully is difficult, not only because of the bureaucratic complexities but also because of structural and political constraints.
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Beiträge zu Konferenzen
Willers, Dr. Susanne
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