Consulting contracts

The Arnold Bergstraesser Institute practises research-based consulting that draws on the specific regional knowledge, specialist experience and methodological skills of its research staff and research assistants. The Institute also carries out studies, project evaluations, training and other consultancy missions for various development policy actors (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development – BMZ,  German Society for International Cooperation – GIZ, political foundations, etc.), provided that these activities exhibit synergies with the Institute's research interests. The ABI is a member of the Working Group Development Policy of the German Evaluation Society and its research staff and research assistants are Capacity Works certified.

Larger recurring commissions include the DAAD African Good Governance Network and the GIZ Winter School Democratic Governance. The ABI also regularly draws up country evaluations for various actors (BMZ/German Institute of Global and Area Studies – GIGA, PÖK/PÖR, BMZ/GIGA conflict analyses, Bertelsmann Transformation Index, Federal Agency for Civic Education – bpb – Dossier on Inner-state Conflicts, etc.).

Some consultings in recent years:

FES Evaluation of  the  Regional Dialogue Southeast Europe

OSZE Election Obeservation: Mongolia

OSZE Observation: Mazedonia

Country Reports and Expert Advice (German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development), German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bertelsmann-Foundation etc.)