IQAS 50: 1-2 | Violence, Mobility and Labour Relations in Asia

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Vol 50, 1-2

The articles in this IQAS focus on different aspects of mobility within and between different regions of Asia. Each develops its own approach to the question of the thematic focus, which examines the interplay of violence, mobility and work. For example, Anja Karlsson Franck and Joseph Trawicki Anderson investigate the working conditions of Burmese workers in Malaysia and explain the effects of employment sponsorship. Another contribution - by Alexander Horstmann, Markus Rudolf and Clara Schmitz-Pranghe - shows how people who have been expelled from their homes in Myanmar are now seeking a livelihood on both sides of the Thai-Burmese border. In doing so, they sometimes change their legal status and the sides of the border several times and make it clear that migration is often not linear and that people use a narrow space to protect themselves from exploitation as best they can. Further articles on "Conflict-sensitive Employment" in Afghanistan, an island in Brahmaputra (India) that has been hit by floods, and two research notes round off the issue.


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Benjamin Etzold

Cyclical, Temporary, No Return. Multiple Navigational Strategies of Displaced Persons from Myanmar
Alexander Horstmann, Markus Rudolf, Clara Schmitz-Pranghe

The Cost of Legality: Navigating Labour Mobility and Exploitation in Malaysia
Anja Karlsson Franck, Joseph Trawicki Anderson


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