The Political Stakes of Displacement and Migration in / from Zimbabwe


Key Points

This  policy  brief  is  broadly  focussed  on  legal  frameworks  that  govern  migration,  refugees  and displacement in Zimbabwe and the political contestations which surround this. It discusses:

  • The prolonged political and economic crisis in the country and the consequences this has for crisis-induced emigration, internal displacement, refugees, immigration and mobilityin the pandemic
  • The policy and legal frameworks that guide Zimbabwe in managing refugees, migration and internal displacement.
  • The political stakes of displacement, including the relationship to South Africa as the major destination country for migrants in the region and SADC policy in response to mobility in the region.
  • Societal understanding of displacement. In particular,  the policy brief will highlight how public and media opinion on matters to do with displacement and migration cannot be separated from politics of the country.

The policy brief is published as part of the project Displacement in Africa which is funded by the German Foundation for Peace Research.


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