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Advisory services for the Results-based Monitoring (RBM) System: Open Policy Advisory Fund in Afghanistan (GIZ)

On behalf of the GIZ, the ABI also undertook an advisory assigment for the development of a RBM system for the Open Policy Advisory Fund (OPAF) in Afghanistan in 2014. In a demand-orientated, expeditious and flexibel manner, the OPAF offers advisory services and trainings to various government institutions and agencies in Afghanistan. By inclusion of the standard tools Results Model and web-based Results Monitor, the advisory assigment for the RBM system focused on the following requirements: a) aggregated reporting on results of very diverse single measures for annual reporting to the commissiong party and for ensuring evaluability and b) methodological approaches for monitoring of long-term impacts for final beneficiaries of the OPAF, which conducts short- to mid-term projects on the macro-level. The RBM system has been designed in a conflict-senstive manner by including mechanisms for observation of risks and monitoring of non-intended results. In 2015, in collaboration with the project leader the publication of a scientific article on the methodological approach and the results of the advisory services is envisaged.

Duration of the project: