ALMA Fellows

The ABI has launched the ALMA Research Series, Freiburg’s interdisciplinary colloquium on social transformations in Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa. ALMA fellows are doctoral candidates or postdocs conducting interdisciplinary research. They empirically examine phenomena relevant to the social sciences which focus on non-European contexts and societies.

ALMA fellows have the opportunity to work at the ABI in an ALMA Studies Room. More information on how to become an ALMA fellow can be found here.


Current ALMA Fellows

  • Judith Altrogge     |     CV (in German)     |   judith.altrogge [at] (E-Mail )   |    Homepage  
    Areas of research: forced migration and return, migration and asylum politics of Germany and the EU;
    Regional focus: West Africa (esp. Gambia)
  • César Bazan Seminario     |     CV (in English)     |     CV (in Spanish)     |     cesar.bazan.seminario [at] (E-Mail)

    Areas of research: systems of justice, interculturality, citizen security, decoloniality, socio and environmental conflicts
    Regional focus: Latin America (esp. South America)
  • Maike Birzle     |     CV     |     maike.birzle [at] (E-Mail)     |     Homepage
    Areas of research: youth, life planning, (higher) education, future;
    Regionalschwerpunkt: West Africa (esp. Gambia and Burkina Faso)
  • Michael Cobb     |     CV     |     michael.cobb [at] (E-Mail)   
    Areas of research: peace building, conflict management, traditional institutions, local governance, Good Governance;
    Regional focus: West Africa (esp. Ghana)
  • Juan Luis Camacho Cueva     |     CV (in German)     |     juan.luis.camacho [at] (E-Mail)     |     Homepage
    Areas of research: resource conflicts, indigenous movements, neo-extractivism;
    Regional focus: Latin America (esp. Peru/Amazonas)
  • Anna Fünfgeld    |    CV     |    E-Mail    |    Homepage
    Areas of research: environmental and resource politics, political ecology, state theories, (neo)gramscian approaches
    Regional focus: Inonesia, Brazil
  • Gerrit Gonschorek    |    CV     |    gerrit.gonschorek [at] (E-Mail)    |    Homepage
    Area of research: political economy of public infrastructure expdenditures
    Regional focus: South East Asia
  • Leonie Jegen     |     CV  |   leonie.jegen [at] (E-Mail )  |   Homepage  
    Areas of research: Migration, Externalisierung, Borders
    Regional focus: EU, Westafrika, insbesondere Ghana, Niger, Senegal
  • Dilshad Muhammad     |     CV    |     dilshad.muhammad [at] (E-Mail)

    Areas of research: south-north forced migration relations, identity, agency;
    Regional focus: Turkey, Jordan
  • Erik Plänitz     |     CV     |    erik.plaenitz [at] ( E-Mail)

        |    Homepage   
    Areas of research: Peace processes (Peacebuilding, Mediation and Local Level Dialogue), climate change and its effects on the global South (Migration, impacts on livelihoods in the urban context, resource conflicts)
    Regional focus: West Africa (esp. Ghana), East Africa (esp. Ethiopia, Rwanda)
  • Zabrina Welter |     CV     |     zabrina.welter [at] (E-Mail)    |    Homepage   
    Areas of research: natural resource governance shifts, resource control, power struggles, post-conflict societies, environmental peacebuilding
    Regional focus: Latin America (esp. Columbia)
  • Cita Wetterich     |     CV     |     cita.wetterich [at] (E-Mail)

         |     Homepage
    Areas of research: migration (esp. refugees), gender, security (esp. gender-specific violence);
    Regional focus: East Africa (esp. Eritrea), North Africa, Southern Europe