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Repository on Arnold Bergstraesser


The Arnold Bergstraesser Institute is named after its founder, the social scientist Arnold Bergstraesser (* 14.7.1896 in Darmstadt – † 24.2.1964 in Freiburg). This page provides insights into the life and work of Arnold Bergstraesser by means of a vita, a list of writings, sound recordings and scientific secondary literature.

The Arnold Bergstraesser Institute welcomes additions and comments.


             Vita Arnold Bergstraesser                                                          Directory of writings


               Audio recordings                                                                                  Secondary Literature




One of the foundations of this repository is a project financed by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation: "Arnold Bergstraesser: Eine Biographie". Within this project largely untapped sources on the biography and the fields of activity of the social scientist Arnold Bergstraesser have been systematically explored by Prof. Dr. Dieter Oberndörfer and Prof. Dr. Günter Behrmann.




Pictures: Arnold Berstraesser: ABI, Directory of writings: Kira Kurz, Audio recordings: Matt Botsford,, Secondary Literature: ABI