Areas of Research: Human rights, democracy and development; democracy promotion; participatory democracy; structural inequalities and the role of social movements; natural resource governance
Regional Focus: Sub-Saharan Africa (especially Ghana); South Asia (especially Nepal)
Email: gordon.crawford [at]
Email: d.dayamba [at]
Position: Post Research Fellow, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
Areas of Research: Resource Governance, Global and Transnational Environmental Governance, Transnational Environmental Movements, Rights of Nature. Environmental Policy Analysis, Interpretive Qualitative Methods, Discourse Theories and Analysis, Political Ecology
Regional Focus: Latinamerica
Email: cristina.espinosa [at]
Areas of Research: Education and Development, Ethnic Conflict and Conflict Regulation, Religion and Democracy
Regional Focus: Subsaharian Africa, South-East Asia, Middle East
Email: theodor.hanf [at]
Areas of Research: Political anthropology (state and statehood, violent conflicts, social trust/distrust, borderlands) ; anthropology of development (NGOs and village associations, vocational training, higher education, research careers); medical anthropology
Regional Focus: West Africa (Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon)
Email: katharina.heitz.tokpa [at]
Areas of Research: Project conceptualisation (programme theory), indicator development, quality assurance and standard-setting for M&E systems, (conflict-sensitive) results-based monitoring, project evaluations (focus: contribution analysis)
Regional Focus: Southern and Eastern Africa, Central Asia, Middle East
Email: justine.hunter [at]
Areas of Research: Local government and Decentralization, Comparative Public Policy Formulation and Implementation; Institution-building and Training
Regional Focus: Africa, Asia, Latin America
Email: hans.illy [at]
Areas of Research: Educational Planning, Curriculum Development, Conflict and Education, Language Policy, Teacher Training, Adult Education
Regional Focus: Asia, MENA region, South Pacific
Email: [at]
Areas of Research: Sociology of Development, Theory of Development, Political Sociology, Sociology & Politics of Work, Ethnicity, Public Memory, Theory of Society
Regional Focus: Southern Africa
Email: reinhart.koessler [at]
Areas of Research: Inequality, corruption, and the informal economy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Regional Focus: Sub-Saharan Africa
Email: philip.nel [at]
Areas of Research: Political Sociology; International Economic Migration; Political Mobilization and Social Movements; Transnational Advocacy Networks; Multi-level and networked Governance; Migrant Rights; Gender and Migration; Social and Political Development
Regional Focus: Southeast and East Asia, Latin America, Europe
Email: nicola.piper [at]
Areas of Research: The impact of authoritarian rule, conflict and flight on the memory of the body and the political and social behavior of refugees, political trauma, violence and conflict, process of coming to terms with own’s past, authoritarian states
Regional Focus: Subsaharan Africa (Zimbabwe), Southern Europe (Spain)
Email: beatrice.schlee [at]
Areas of Research: Democratic Transition, Good Governance, Conflict Resolution, Decentralisation, Education, Development Policy
Regional Focus: Africa, Asia, EU
Email: heribert.weiland [at]