Areas of Research: Transnational Migration, Return migration, policy analysis, identity and belonging politics, migration governance, migration economics
Regional Focus: Sub-Sahara Africa, Europe
Email: kwaku.arhin-sam [at]
Areas of Research: Authoritarianism and political transformation; violent conflict and its local, cross-border, regional dynamics; disciplinarity of social sciences and area studies
Regional Focus: Middle East, especially Jordan and Syria
Email: [at]
Areas of Research: Human rights, democracy and development; democracy promotion; participatory democracy; structural inequalities and the role of social movements; natural resource governance
Regional Focus: Sub-Saharan Africa (especially Ghana); South Asia (especially Nepal)
Email: gordon.crawford [at]
Email: d.dayamba [at]
Position: Post Research Fellow, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
Areas of Research: Local security and civil war in fragile states
Regional Focus: Central African Republic, Haiti, South Sudan, Somaliland
Email: tim.glawion [at]
Areas of Research: Post-conflict political development; power-sharing; political economy of foreign aid; multilateral peace operations; civil wars; quantitative methods
Regional Focus: Sub-Sahara Africa
Email: felix.haass [at]
Areas of Research: Education and Development, Ethnic Conflict and Conflict Regulation, Religion and Democracy
Regional Focus: Subsaharian Africa, South-East Asia, Middle East
Email: theodor.hanf [at]
Areas of Research: Political anthropology (state and statehood, violent conflicts, social trust/distrust, borderlands) ; anthropology of development (NGOs and village associations, vocational training, higher education, research careers); medical anthropology
Regional Focus: West Africa (Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon)
Email: katharina.heitz.tokpa [at]
Areas of Research: Project conceptualisation (programme theory), indicator development, quality assurance and standard-setting for M&E systems, (conflict-sensitive) results-based monitoring, project evaluations (focus: contribution analysis)
Regional Focus: Southern and Eastern Africa, Central Asia, Middle East
Email: m.und.e [at]
Areas of Research: Local government and Decentralization, Comparative Public Policy Formulation and Implementation; Institution-building and Training
Regional Focus: Africa, Asia, Latin America
Email: hans.illy [at]
Areas of Research: Development Policy, Election Observation, Election Studies, International Political Economy, Hindu Nationalism, Ethnic Conflicts, Indian Party System, Parliamentarianism in India, Caste System, Civil Rights
Regional Focus: South Asia, India
Email: clemens.juergemeyer [at]
Phone: +49 (0)761 888 78 27
Areas of Research: Sociology of Development, Theory of Development, Political Sociology, Sociology & Politics of Work, Ethnicity, Public Memory, Theory of Society
Regional Focus: Southern Africa
Email: reinhart.koessler [at]
Areas of Research: Bioeconomy, development and sustainability discourses, renewable energies, political ecology, social movements, socio-ecological inequalities
Regional Focus: Mexico, Latin America; Germany
Email: rosa.lehmann [at]
Areas of Research: Governance, Democracy, Political Economy of Corruption, Socio-Economic Development, Inequality, Civil Society, IT/New Media, Research Methods
Regional Focus: Asia / Southeast Asia - particular focus on Indonesia
Email: christian.von.luebke [at]
Areas of Research: Tradition, Education and Democracy. Philosophical foundations of development aid.
Regional Focus: Francophone Africa
Email: pascal.mupepele [at]
Areas of Research: Inequality, corruption, and the informal economy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Regional Focus: Sub-Saharan Africa
Email: philip.nel [at]
Areas of Research: Political Sociology; International Labour Migration & Skills Mobility; Political Mobilization & Social Movements; Transnational Advocacy Networks; Multi-level & networked Governance; Migrant Rights; Gender and Migration; Social and Political Development
Regional Focus: Primarily Asia, also Latin America and Africa
Email: n.piper [at]
Areas of Research: Structural Shifts and Interregionalism in South-South Relations, Development and Sustainability Discourses, Political Economy of Resources (fossil and biogenic), Bioeconomy, Energy and Economic Diplomacy
Regional Focus: Latin America, China-Latin America, China-Latin America-EU
Email: fabricio.rodriguez [at]
Areas of Research: The impact of authoritarian rule, conflict and flight on the memory of the body and the political and social behavior of refugees; political trauma, violence and conflict, process of coming to terms with own’s past, authoritarian states
Regional Focus: Subsaharan Africa (Zimbabwe), Southern Europe (Spain)
Email: beatrice.schlee [at]
Areas of Research: Democratic Transition, Good Governance, Conflict Resolution, Decentralisation, Education, Development Policy
Regional Focus: Africa, Asia, EU
Email: heribert.weiland [at]