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Agarwal, Dr. Amya

Areas of research: Gender and conflict studies in Global South
Regional focus: South Asia
E-mail: amya.agarwal [at]
Phone: +49 761 88878-22
Position at ABI: Senior Researcher

Alter, Balz Andrea (Universität Freiburg)

Areas of research: Music, Art and Politics, Media Theory, Film, Visual Studies, Transdisciplinarity, Interdisciplinarity, Visual Communication, Dance and Performance, Artistic Research, Participatory Practices, Transmedia Storytelling, Post- and Decolonialism
Regional focus: Central Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, with focus on Central and West Africa as well as Namibia and South Africa
E-mail: balz.alter [at]
Phone: +49 761 88878-39
Position at ABI: Curator and Coordinator for Science Communication

Arhin-Sam, Dr. Kwaku

Areas of research: Transnational Migration, Return migration, policy analysis, identity and belonging politics, migration governance, migration economics
Regional focus: Sub-Sahara Africa, Europe
E-mail: kwaku.arhin-sam [at]

Bank, Dr. André

Areas of research: Authoritarianism and political transformation; violent conflict and its local, cross-border, regional dynamics; disciplinarity of social sciences and area studies
Regional focus: Middle East, especially Jordan and Syria
E-mail: [at]

Bazán Seminario, Dr. César

Areas of research: Dekolonialität in Justiz und Sicherheit, soziale Konflikte
Regional focus: Lateinamerika, insb. Peru
E-mail: cesar.bazan [at]

Becher, Dr. Anika (University of Freiburg)

Areas of research: Conflict studies, ethnic conflict, electoral violence, violent conflict at the local level, democratic transition, party politics, human rights
Regional focus: Subsaharan Afrika, with a focus on East and Southern Africa
E-mail: anika.becher [at]
Phone: +49 761 88878-38
Position at ABI: Executive Director of the Africa Centre for Transregional Research (ACT)

Camacho Cueva, Dr. Juan Luis

Areas of research: Conflicts on resources, indigenious movements, Neoextractivism
Regional focus: Latinamerica (especially Peru)
E-mail: j.luis.camacho.cueva [at]

Cobb, Michael

Areas of research: Peace building, conflict management, traditional institutions, local governance, Good Governance
Regional focus: West Africa (esp. Ghana)
E-mail: michael.cobb [at]

Crawford, Prof. Dr. Gordon

Areas of research: Human rights, democracy and development; democracy promotion; participatory democracy; structural inequalities and the role of social movements; natural resource governance
Regional focus: Sub-Saharan Africa (especially Ghana); South Asia (especially Nepal)
E-mail: gordon.crawford [at]

Dietrich, M.A. Agnes (Universität Freiburg)

Areas of research: Sociolinguistics, multimedia discourse analysis, endangered languages, revitalisation movements
Regional focus: Southern Africa, East Africa
E-mail: agnes.dietrich [at]
Phone: +49 (0)761-888 78-39
Position at ABI: Project coordinator ACT - Africa Centre for Transregional Research

Eyre, Dr. Guy

Areas of research: Religious politics, Islamist transnationalism, contested governance, political thought
Regional focus: Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
E-mail: guyrpeyre [at]

Fanton Ribeiro da Silva, Dr. Hugo

Areas of research: democracy, neoliberalism, class conflicts, social movements and urban policies
Regional focus: Latin America
E-mail: hfanton [at]

Fernández Míguez, Dr. Sheila

Areas of research: Human rights, access to justice, macho violence, violence against women, feminists theories and ethics theories, criminal justice and decolonial criminology
Regional focus: South America (especially Chile and Wallmapu, territory of the mapuche people’s) and Australia
E-mail: sheila.fernandez [at]

Gez, Dr. Yonatan N.

Areas of research: Religion and international development; religion and society in East Africa; self-accomplishment in East Africa; theorizing religious mobility; the 'afterlives' of development projects in Sub-Saharan Africa; the internationalization of private education
Regional focus: East Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
E-mail: yonatan.gez [at]

Gurol-Haller, Dr. Julia

Areas of research: Global authoritarianism/transregional authoritarian practices; connectivity; (digital) infrastructure
Regional focus: Global China, Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
E-mail: julia.gurol-haller [at]

Haaß, Dr. Felix

Areas of research: Post-conflict political development; power-sharing; political economy of foreign aid; multilateral peace operations; civil wars; quantitative methods
Regional focus: Sub-Sahara Africa
E-mail: felix.haass [at]

Hanf, Prof. Dr. Theodor

Areas of research: Education and Development, Ethnic Conflict and Conflict Regulation, Religion and Democracy
Regional focus: Subsaharian Africa, South-East Asia, Middle East
E-mail: theodor.hanf [at]

Heitz Tokpa, Dr. Katharina Elisabeth

Areas of research: Political anthropology (state and statehood, violent conflicts, social trust/distrust, borderlands) ; anthropology of development (NGOs and village associations, vocational training, higher education, research careers); medical anthropology
Regional focus: West Africa (Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon)
E-mail: katharina.heitz.tokpa [at]

Hunter, Dr. Justine

Areas of research: Project conceptualisation (programme theory), indicator development, quality assurance and standard-setting for M&E systems, (conflict-sensitive) results-based monitoring, project evaluations (focus: contribution analysis)
Regional focus: Southern and Eastern Africa, Central Asia, Middle East
E-mail: m.und.e [at]

Jürgenmeyer, M.A. Clemens

Areas of research: Political, social and economic development of modern South Asia, mainly since 1947; Development policy and theory; Postcolonialism; Election observation / election studies; International political economy
Regional focus: South Asia, India
E-mail: clemens.juergemeyer [at]

Kößler, Prof. Dr. Reinhart

Areas of research: Sociology of Development, Theory of Development, Political Sociology, Sociology & Politics of Work, Ethnicity, Public Memory, Theory of Society
Regional focus: Southern Africa
E-mail: r-koessler [at]

Lambert, Dr. Laura

Areas of research: Migration and asylum regimes, externalization, digital identification, bureaucracy, infrastructures, future-making
Regional focus: West Africa (Niger, Sierra Leone), Europe
E-mail: laura.lamber [at]

Lehmann, Dr. Rosa

Areas of research: Bioeconomy, development and sustainability discourses, renewable energies, political ecology, social movements, socio-ecological inequalities
Regional focus: Mexico, Latin America; Germany
E-mail: rosa.lehmann [at]

Lübke, Prof. Dr. Christian von

Areas of research: Governance, Democracy, Political Economy of Corruption, Socio-Economic Development, Inequality, Civil Society, IT/New Media, Research Methods
Regional focus: Asia / Southeast Asia - particular focus on Indonesia
E-mail: christian.von.luebke [at]

Makulilo, Prof. Dr. Alexander

Areas of research: Democracy, Constitutionalism, Elections, Gender, Peace and Conflicts, Development, Public Opinion, Political Institutions, Political Behavior, and Comparative Politics
Regional focus: Sub-Saharan Africa
E-mail: alexander.makulilo [at]
Position at ABI: Senior Research Fellow

Missbach, Prof. Dr. Antje

Areas of research: Global migration & refugee studies; Socio-legal dimensions of irregular & forced migration in Southeast Asia; Diaspora politics & long-distance nationalism; Trafficking in persons, human smuggling & related transnational crimes in Asia-Pacific region
Regional focus: Southeast Asia, mainly Indonesia
E-mail: antje.missbach [at]

Mupepele, Prof. Dr. Pascal

Areas of research: Tradition, Education and Democracy. Philosophical foundations of development aid.
Regional focus: Francophone Africa
E-mail: pascal.mupepele [at]

Nel, Prof. Dr. Philip

Areas of research: Inequality, corruption, and the informal economy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Regional focus: Sub-Saharan Africa
E-mail: philip.nel [at]

Niyonkuru, Dr. Aimé-Parfait

Areas of research: International Criminal Law, International Human Rights, Legal Pluralism, Customary Law, Gender Equality and Access to Justice
Regional focus: Burundi, Africa
E-mail: niyoparfait2004 [at]

PD Dr. Rother, Stefan

Areas of research: Migration, Theory of International Relations, Regional Cooperation (ASEAN), Global Governance, Social Movements
Regional focus: Southeast Asia
E-mail: stefan.rother [at]
Phone: +49 (0)761 888 78 41

Piper, Prof. Dr. Nicola

Areas of research: Political Sociology; International Labour Migration & Skills Mobility; Political Mobilization & Social Movements; Transnational Advocacy Networks; Multi-level & networked Governance; Migrant Rights; Gender and Migration; Social and Political Development
Regional focus: Primarily Asia, also Latin America and Africa
E-mail: n.piper [at]

Plänitz, Dr. Erik

Areas of research: Peace processes (Peacebuilding, Mediation and Local Level Dialogue); climate change and its effects on the global South (Migration, impacts on livelihoods in the urban context, resource conflicts)
Regional focus: Western Africa (especially Ghana), Eastern Africa (especially Ethiopia and Rwanda)
E-mail: erik.plaenitz [at]

Schlee, Dr. Beatrice

Areas of research: The impact of authoritarian rule, conflict and flight on the memory of the body and the political and social behavior of refugees; political trauma, violence and conflict, process of coming to terms with own’s past, authoritarian states
Regional focus: Subsaharan Africa (Zimbabwe), Southern Europe (Spain)
E-mail: beatrice.schlee [at]

Tümkaya, Dr. Erkan

Areas of research: Anthropology of the Future: Migration and Flight in the Context of Hope and Waiting
Regional focus: Turkey, Germany
E-mail: erkan.tuemkaya [at]

Turner, Dr. Lewis

Areas of research: Syrian refugees in the Middle East; humanitarianism; gender, particularly masculinities; labour market access and integration, encampment policies
Regional focus: Middle East, particularly Jordan
E-mail: lewis.turner [at]

Völkel, Dr. Jan Claudius

Areas of research: Democratization, Transformation, Authoritarian practices, Political Institutions, Governance, EU foreign and security policy, Euro-Mediterranean relations
Regional focus: Middle East and North Africa
E-mail: jvolkel [at]
Phone: +49 (0)761 383778-19

Wehr, Dr. Ingrid

Areas of research: Main areas of research: Welfare Regimes and Social Policy in Latin America, Democracy, the "New" Left and Inequality in Latin America, Comparative Analysis of Transitional Justice, Development Policy (especially recent work) and Development Theory Region
Regional focus: Latin America, especially Cono Sur
E-mail: ingrid.wehr [at]

Weiland, Prof. Dr. Heribert

Areas of research: Democratic Transition, Good Governance, Conflict Resolution, Decentralisation, Education, Development Policy
Regional focus: Africa, Asia, EU
E-mail: heribert.weiland [at]

Willers, Dr. Susanne

Areas of research: Migration, gender and violence, forced migration and refugee protection, care and transnational families
Regional focus: Latin America (Central America and Mexico)
E-mail: susanne.willers [at]