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The ABI is one of Germany’s major research centers in the domain of both comparative area studies and transregional studies. As an independent, non-profit research institution, the institute cooperates with the University of Freiburg. The Institute was founded in 1960 and goes back to Arnold Bergstraesser, at that time Professor of Political Science and Sociology at the University of Freiburg.


21. April 2022

Helga Dickow outlines the political situation in Chad one year after the death of the former president.

11. April 2022

Amya Agarwal has read a book chapter that introduces the potential of feminist peace education to bring positive, long-term changes in conflict situations.

22. March 2022

Are the existing theories on return migration too short-sighted and outdated? Khangelani Moyo has read an article that argues so.

15. February 2022

How has the competition for global leadership between China and the U.S. evolved? Charlotte Jung and Jan Völkel have reviewed an article on this.

Events / Dates

Registration for the hybrid VAD conference 2022 is now open: The VAD conference 2022 in Freiburg will focus on the theme “Africa and Europe: Reciprocal Perspectives” and will address processes of co-production of knowledge as well as the mutual questioning of different ways of thinking.

7. June 2022 to 10. June 2022

Based on two research projects on forced migration and peace in African countries, a workshop series will take place in 2022 with interdisciplinary researchers in forced migration research that have a focus on Africa.

11. June 2022

The series explores a central theme in migration research, namely the identity-mobility nexus, but does so through ongoing research from across the African continent. The theme encompasses issues relating to xenophobia and migrant integration, documentation and migrant rights, and the role of the diaspora. The emphasis is on intra-African migration.

30. June 2022 to 14. July 2022

Through the story of amaXhosa Maradona, Tarminder Kaurs (University of Johannisburg) paper reflects on how ideals of community, development, and ubuntu are complicit in making and breaking of dreams (in this case, dreams of becoming a professional footballer).  


ABI, Großer Konferenzraum
19. May 2022 - 12:30


Khangelani Moyo and Franzisca Zanker recently published an article about a conflation between refugees and other migrants at a legislative, policy and narrative level in South Africa which results in dangerous, sometimes violent consequences for migrant communities themselves.



Benjamin Schütze recently published an article in "ORIENT" in which he argued that a values-based German foreign policy in the MENA requires less, not more programmes aimed at the promotion of democratic values and instead should be based on the mainstreaming of such values into all spheres of German foreign policy itself as well as on the promotion of new forms of transregional democratic solidarity and understanding.


Antje Missbach's monograph offers an ethnographically informed critique of the hyper-politicised debate on the facilitation of irregularised migration for people seeking asylum between Indonesia and Australia.


Projects and cooperations

Between 2022 and 2024 at the ABI, Dr. Alke Jenss and Dr. Benjamin Schuetze will try to gain a better understanding of the meaning and effect of transregional infrastructures for potential democratic governance in the different locales they connect. Based on two cases of transregional energy infrastructure projects, namely attempts at connecting power grids between North Africa and Europe via submarine cables (MedGrid), and the creation of one interconnected North- and Central American power grid (SIEPAC), this project asks in which ways do transregional infrastructure projects transform local, national and transnational political agency and what is their effect on democratic and/or authoritarian practices of governance?

2022 - 2024

How do postcolonial hierarchies manifest themselves in epistemologies and knowledge production in peace and conflict studies? How can peace and conflict research contribute to a transformation of such hierarchies? To answer this question, the ABI will cooperate with the universities of Marburg, Erfurt and Bayreuth in the BMBF-funded project "Postcolonial Hierarchies in Peace & Conflict". A Virtual Encyclopedia will then present the results, methodological developments and theoretical innovations.

2022 - 2026

In a recent study, we explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected refugees and refugee protection in six countries in West Africa, East Africa and Southern Africa, namely Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe, during the first year of the pandemic up to and including February 2021.

This blog series aims to discuss, highlight, and engage with scholarship from the regions of Africa, Latin America, Middle East, and Asia (ALMA) that ABI staff and associates have particularly enjoyed reading. With this blog we aim to start new conversations, explore interesting themes and topics as well as highlight excellent scholarship. The blog language is in English, a new review is published once a month.