Contested Governance

Governance is one of the most widely used conceptual terms in contemporary social science research. Yet in spite of its popularity, ongoing debates on “good governance”, “democratic governance”, or “governance reform” often lack conceptual clarity and contextualization.

In this research cluster, we conceptualize “governance” as a political space of contestation, in which more or less powerful actors continuously compete in order to advance key interests and ideas and translate them into state policies. Political authority, the rules of the game, and policy directions are constantly (re-)negotiated and challenged in local, national, and regional decision-making arenas. This is a multi-scalar process.

The cluster’s objective is to shed empirical light on contested forms of governance in areas that often defy Eurocentric models. Contestations are generally shaped by state and non-state actors, but also beyond the state and in transregional constellations. It is these actors who continuously compete, dispute, and collide, who set the stage for political transformation.

Our research in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East seeks to tackle the question who induces change, where, why and how from different comparative and contextually-grounded perspectives. It seeks to discern institutional and normative change – both over time and space; it aims at tracing contestations over natural resources and extractive rents; it sets out to examine which power asymmetries are at the base of particular governance strategies; and it attempts to understand who and what induces or limits institutional reform and policy innovation.

Contact: Alke Jenss



DAAD Summer School Contested Governance

Infrastructures and Territory (pilot stage)

African Good Governance Network (AGGN) (finalized)

Centre d’Excellence de Gouvernance Locale en Afrique (CEGLA)

China´s extractive power in Latin America? Comparative Perspectives on Brazil and Peru (finalized)

Conflict Transformation Initiatives by Religious Actors: A Comparative Study of Indonesia and the Philippines (finalized)

Established Interests in Changing Environments? The Role of Political-Economic Elites in Southeast Asia

Political Economy of Good Government –Controlled District-Level Comparisons in Four Indonesian Provinces

Restoration and reclamation of mined-out areas and other degraded lands for biodiversity conservation and rural development in Burkina Faso (finalized)

The History of the West-German Intelligence Service (BND) between 1945 and 1968 (finalized)


Publications (selection)

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In the media (selection)

Interviewausschnitte mit Alke Jenss (04.06.2019):

Interviewausschnitte mit Alke Jenss (18.05.2019): Éxodo Centroamericano,

Interviewausschnitte mit Alke Jenss (02.05.2019): México: Una serie de funcionarios públicos son parte de las organizaciones criminales, Deutsche Welle

Jenss, Alke (03/2019): Die Perspektive umkehren. Illegale Wirtschaft, „Krieg gegen die Drogen“ und Repression in Mexiko, In: ILA Zeitschrift der Informationsstelle Lateinamerika, 03/2019.

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Public lectures (selection)

Beyond Fragility: Grauzonen staatlicher Gewalt im 'Süden', Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung, 06.-07.2019 (Alke Jenss)

Die Alte, Neue Rechte und der Staat: Dynamiken und Brüche um den 'Krieg gegen die Drogen' in Kolumbien und Mexiko, Interdisziplinäre Ringvorlesung Lateinamerika Universität Kassel/ Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos, 05.06.2019 (Alke Jenss)

Infrastructures of Authoritarian Entanglements, Workshop Infrastructures and Territories, Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institut Freiburg- Universität Basel, 25.-16.03.2019 (Benjamin Schütze, Alke Jenss)

Infrastructures for a sustainable peace? Extractivism in the context of the Colombian Peace Agreement. Interdisziplinäre Ringvorlesung zum Nachhaltigkeitsverständnis, Universität Bonn, 17.01.2019 (Alke Jenss)

Grauzonen staatlicher Gewalt und Landkonflikte. Hofgeismarer Lateinamerika-Gespräche 2019, 11.-13.01.2019.

Disrupting Rhythms of Violence, Histories and Rhythms of Urban Violence. Erfurt, 05.-07.12.2018.

Opening Panel Antidemokratische Konservative in Parlamenten. Folgen für Rechtsstaatlichkeit und Demokratie. Workshop Nuevo Autoritarismo. Konservative Politik in Brasilien und Kolumbien, Tagung der Assoziation Kritische Gesellschaftsforschung, Universität Hamburg, 30.11.-02.12.2018 (Alke Jenss)

Extractive Infrastructures. Workshop: Logics of Extractive Occupation, Universität Gießen, 26-27.06.2018 (Alke Jenss)


Cluster events (most recent)

DAAD Summer School Contested Governance, 02.-28.09.2019.

Interdisciplinary Workshop Infastructures and Territory 25.-26. März 2019, Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institut Freiburg, with Urban Studies, Basel University;
Keynote: Prof. Dr. Laleh Khalili (Department of Politics and International Studies, SOAS London) Tankers, Tycoons, and Radical Transformations. The Making of Modern Regimes of Law, Labour, and Finance

(2019) Politökonomische Kurzanalyse (PÖK) Jordanien (Neufassung), Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ).

Interdisciplinary Workshop Histories and Rhythms of Urban Violence: Global-local Encounters in the Nexus of Space and Time , Erfurt University, 5.-7.12.2018.

(Cross-Cluster Coop) Lecture Series South-South Interventions. ABI & Colloquium Politicum der Universität Freiburg. winter term 2018-19.

Panel Rescaling in Latin American Cities. Section Capitalism and Violence in the City. European International Studies Association EISA Prag, 13.-16.09.2018.

Lecture Series Lateinamerika zwischen Krisen und neuen Möglichkeiten: Soziale Bewegungen, Staat und Demokratie. ABI, Institut für Soziologie & Colloquium Politicum der Universität Freiburg. summer term 2018.