Areas of Research: Power-sharing after peacebuilding, violent conflicts, crisis prevention, German and French politics in Africa
Regional Focus: Central Africa, West Africa
Email: andreas.mehler [at]
Position: Director
Areas of Research: Regional Integration, Interregionalism, Development Policy
Regional Focus: Southern Africa, SADC
Email: martin.adelmann [at]
Position: Executive Manager
Areas of Research: Gender and conflict studies in Global South
Regional Focus: South Asia
Email: amya.agarwal [at]
Position: Senior Researcher
Portrait Miriam Bartelmann
Areas of Research: Post- and decolonial theories, environmental conflicts, sociological theories, transregional power relations
Regional Focus: Latin America (Argentina), Europe
Email: miriam.bartelmann [at]
Position: Doctoral Researcher
Areas of Research: Salafism, political Islam, conservative religious movements, transregional authoritarian practices, transregional energy infrastructure policies, gender studies
Regional Focus: MENA region, Tunisia
Email: alessandra.bonci [at]
Position: Senior Researcher
Email: elisabeth.caruana [at]
Position: Librarian
Areas of Research: Ethnic and Religious Conflicts, Conflict Regulation, Transition and Democratization, Pentecostal Churches and Religious Movements, Political Role of Churches
Regional Focus: Subsaharan Africa, esp. Chad, South Africa, Burundi
Email: helga.dickow [at]
Position: Senior Researcher, Coordination Cluster Conflict and Fragility
Portrait Elia El-Khazen
Areas of Research: logistics, social movements, transregional authoritarian practices, transregional energy infrastructure policies, renewable energy
Regional Focus: MENA region, Iraq, Jordan, the UAE, Lebanon, Syria
Email: elia.el.khazen [at]
Position: Doctoral Researcher
Areas of Research: Conflict studies, local governance, urban violence and peace, security and borderlands, illegal markets, criminal governance
Regional Focus: Latin America, emphasis on Colombia and El Salvador
Email: viviana.garcia.pinzon [at]
Position: Senior Researcher
Email: felizitas.gleiss [at]
Position: Administrative Assistant
Areas of Research: the Production of Security and Insecurity, “war on drugs”, statehood, multiscalar governance, political economy of land conflicts, spatial theory
Regional Focus: Latin America (particularly Colombia, Mexico)
Email: alke.jenss [at]
Position: Senior Researcher, Coordination Cluster Contested Governance
Areas of Research: Political Economy, Geopolitics, Industrialisation
Regional Focus: Horn of Africa (esp. Ethiopia and Djibouti), Comoros and Seychelles
Email: benedikt.kamski [at]
Position: Senior Researcher
Areas of Research: Migration and refugee regimes, externalization, bureaucracy, infrastructures
Regional Focus: West Africa, Europe
Email: laura.lambert [at]
Position: Senior Researcher (Interim Cluster Head)
Areas of Research: (Digital Turn of) Restitution, History of Commercial Radios and Popular Culture
Email: richard.legay [at]
Position: Senior Researcher
Areas of Research: Germany and the Middle East, Pan-Movements in the Middle East, Political Islam, Islam and Nationalism, Historical Aspects of the Cyprus Conflict
Regional Focus: Middle East, Cyprus
Email: tilman.luedke [at]
Position: Senior Researcher
Portrait Charlotte Müller
Areas of Research: Global supply chains, energy politics, renewable energies, migration, transregional authoritarian practices
Regional Focus: North Africa (specifically Morocco), Middle East, Europe
Email: charlotte.mueller [at]
Position: Doctoral Researcher
Areas of Research: Development Policy, Disability Studies, Traditional Medicine
Regional Focus: South Asia, India
Email: asianstudies [at]
Position: Editorial Manager of the International Quarterly for Asian Studies
Areas of Research: Global inequalities and South-South relations, natural resource conflicts and socio-ecological transitions, critical IR-theory
Regional Focus: Latin America from a transregional perspective (China-Latin America-Europe)
Email: fabricio.rodriguez [at]
Position: Senior Researcher
Areas of Research: external interventions and 'democracy promotion', transregional authoritarian practices, economic liberalisation, military collaboration, renewable energies
Regional Focus: Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
Email: benjamin.schuetze [at]
Position: Senior Researcher & Emmy Noether Research Group Leader
Email: melanie.spoeri [at]
Position: Accounting, Administration
Email: sekretariat.abi [at]
Position: Science Communication, Assistant of the Director and Executive Management
Portrait of Philipp Wagner
Areas of Research: renewable energy projects, transregional infrastructure policies, climate governance, democratisation processes, political participation
Regional Focus: North Africa (especially Tunisia), Middle East
Email: philipp.wagner [at]
Position: Doctoral Researcher
Areas of Research: Migration governance, refugee protection, peace processes, civil society
Regional Focus: Africa
Email: franzisca.zanker [at]
Position: Senior Researcher, Coordination Cluster Patterns of (Forced) Migration