Areas of Research: Power-sharing after peacebuilding, violent conflicts, crisis prevention, German and French politics in Africa
Regional Focus: Central Africa, West Africa
Email: andreas.mehler [at]
Position: Director
Areas of Research: Regional Integration, Interregionalism, Development Policy
Regional Focus: Southern Africa, SADC
Email: martin.adelmann [at]
Position: Executive Manager
Areas of Research: Conflict studies, ethnic conflict, electoral violence, violent conflict at the local level, democratic transition, party politics, human rights
Regional Focus: Subsaharan Afrika, with a focus on East and Southern Africa
Email: anika.becher [at]
Position: Executive Director of the Africa Centre for Transregional Research (ACT)
Email: sekretariat.abi [at]
Position: Assistant of the Director and Executive Management, Public Relations
Email: elisabeth.caruana [at]
Position: Librarian
Areas of Research: Ethnic and Religious Conflicts, Conflict Regulation, Transition and Democratization, Pentecostal Churches and Religious Movements, Political Role of Churches
Regional Focus: Subsaharan Africa, esp. Chad, South Africa, Burundi
Email: helga.dickow [at]
Position: Senior Researcher, Coordination Cluster Conflict and Fragility
Areas of Research: the Production of Security and Insecurity, “war on drugs”, statehood, multiscalar governance, political economy of land conflicts, spatial theory
Regional Focus: Latin America (particularly Colombia, Mexico)
Email: alke.jenss [at]
Position: Senior Researcher, Coordination Cluster Contested Governance
Areas of Research: Political Economy, Geopolitics, Industrialisation
Regional Focus: Horn of Africa, focus on Ethiopia and Djibouti
Email: benedikt.kamski [at]
Position: Senior Researcher
Areas of Research: Germany and the Middle East, Pan-Movements in the Middle East, Political Islam, Islam and Nationalism, Historical Aspects of the Cyprus Conflict
Regional Focus: Middle East, Cyprus
Email: tilman.luedke [at]
Position: Senior Researcher
Areas of Research: Migration, Theory of International Relations, Regional Cooperation (ASEAN), Global Governance, Social Movements
Regional Focus: Southeast Asia
Email: stefan.rother [at]
Position: Senior Researcher
Areas of Research: Development Policy, Disability Studies, Traditional Medicine
Regional Focus: South Asia, India
Email: asianstudies [at]
Position: Editorial Manager of the International Quarterly for Asian Studies
Areas of Research: external interventions and 'democracy promotion', transregional authoritarian practices, economic liberalisation, military collaboration, renewable energies
Regional Focus: Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
Email: benjamin.schuetze [at]
Position: Senior Researcher
Email: melanie.spoeri [at]
Position: Accounting, administration
Areas of Research: Democratization, Transformation, Authoritarian practices, Political Institutions, Governance, EU foreign and security policy, Euro-Mediterranean relations
Regional Focus: Middle East and North Africa
Email: jan.voelkel [at]
Position: Senior Researcher
Areas of Research: Migration and Displacement Studies, Gender and Masculinities, Security Studies Research on violence
Regional Focus: North Africa, Central Mediterranean Route, Europe
Email: cita.wetterich [at]
Position: Researcher at the University of Freiburg, Dept. Political Science
Areas of Research: Migration governance, peace processes, civil society
Regional Focus: Sub-Sahara Africa
Email: franzisca.zanker [at]
Position: Senior Researcher (Cluster Head)