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El-Khazen, M.Sc. Elia

Portrait Elia El-Khazen
Position at ABI:
elia.el.khazen [at]
+49 (0)761 - 888 78-24
Areas of research:
logistics, social movements, transregional authoritarian practices, transregional energy infrastructure policies, renewable energy
Regional focus:
MENA region, Iraq, Jordan, the UAE, Lebanon, Syria
2018-2019 MSc
Middle East Politics, SOAS, London (distinction)
Professional experience:
since 2023
PhD candidate in the DFG Emmy Noether Junior Research Group: Renewable Energies, Renewed Authoritarianisms? The Political Economy of Solar Energy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Selected publications

El Khazen, E, Makki, S (2022, December). Lebanon’s Nightlife Industrial Complex: An Exercise in Surplus-Enjoyment. Woodbine (hard copy).

El Khazen, E (2022, December). On the commodification of hope and the financialization of politics: A sober account of the Lebanese political scene. Al-Manshour. nese-elections/

El Khazen, E (2022, April 20). Lebanon: a Country in Permanent Crisis. Left Voice,

El Khazen, E (2021, September 19). Their nightmare not ours: Tear Gas as phantom with limbs of steel. Locust Review (hard copy).

El Khazen, E. (2020, August 12). On Organizing. Bidayat Journal,

El Khazen, E. (2020, July 6). Smash the Banks in Order to Nationalize Them. Spectre Journal,

El Khazen, E. (2019, December, 20). The Lebanese October revolution against sectarian realism and neoliberal authoritarianism. Historical Materialism,

El Khazen, E. (2019, May, 27). Uprising in Sudan: Interview with Sudanese Comrades. Historical Materialism,

El Khazen, E. (2018, June 11). Lebanon: A Ruling Class in Perpetual Crisis. Salvage Quarterly,

El Khazen, E (2018, December 15). Beauty and the Yield: Cosmetic Surgery as Facet of Neoliberal Entrepreneurship in Lebanon, RLS website. c-surgery-as-facet-of-neoliberal-entrepreneurship-in-lebanon