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Ng'ang'a, M.A. Catherine

Portrai Catherine Ng'ang'a
Nganga38.wn [at]
Areas of research:
Peace and Security, Societal Post-Conflict Reconstruction Process and Strategies, Post-Conflict Narratives and Power, Post-Conflict Regimes, Legitimation of Post-Conflict Regimes.
Regional focus:
The Horn of Africa: Ethiopia
since 2023
PhD Candidate in Political Science, Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Germany
2017 - 2019
MA Regional Integration and Development, The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya.
2006 - 2010
BA Linguistics and Literature in English, The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya.
Ph.D. Thesis
Working title:
The Role of Narratives and Power in the Construction and Legitimation of Post-Conflict Regimes. The Case of Ethiopia's Derg (1974-91) and EPRDF (1991-2012) Regimes.

Drawing on insights provided by institutionalist and constructivist theories as well as theories of conflict, this PhD project explores how post-conflict regimes employ power in the selection and construction of narratives that, on the one hand, scapegoat those from whom they took power and on the other hand, legitimate and justify their regimes. The study will analyse how Ethiopia's Derg and the EPRDF regimes used their respective victories and power to construct new narratives and suppress other narratives to whitewash their actions during the wars through which they attained power and as foundations and justification for their respective regimes. It will also be analysed whether the suppression of alternative narratives impacts the recurrence of conflicts in Ethiopia.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Mehler


Selected Publications