Gurol-Haller, Dr. Julia

Portrait Julia Gurol-Haller
Post-Doctoral Researcher, Chair for International Relations, University of Freiburg
julia.gurol-haller [at]
Areas of Research: 
Global authoritarianism/transregional authoritarian practices; connectivity; (digital) infrastructure
Regional Focus: 
Global China, Middle East and North Africa (MENA)


Platzhalterbild Zeitschriftenartikel (Wiss.)
Zeitschriftenartikel (Wiss.)
Gurol-Haller, Dr. Julia / Dr. Alke Jenss / Dr. Fabricio Rodríguez / Dr. Benjamin Schütze / M.A. Cita (Universität Freiburg) Wetterich

Research on authoritarian connections beyond the state requires a transregional practices approach. This special issue is an invitation to combine critical approaches to the study of authoritarian power by paying attention to spaces of contestation, authoritarian practices, as well as non-state actors and agency below and beyond the scale of the state. We focus on authoritarian practices and their spatial and temporal articulations in (1) transregional infrastructures, (2) global processes of capital accumulation and (3) nature-society relations.