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Webinar: Pandemic (Im)mobility: COVID-19 and Migrant Communities in the Global South

How has the pandemic affected migrant communities across the world? In what ways have they been excluded and been affected by (re-)new(ed) measures of control? How have migrant communities responded and resisted?
In this webinar we discuss perspectives from migrant communities in and from Mexico, Nepal, Qatar, and Zimbabwe. The webinar is part of a project focusing on the effects of the pandemic on migrant communities in the Global South. Scholars reflected on this in essays on the situation in the four countries. These essays and further information can be found here.


Moderation: Franzisca Zanker Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institut Freiburg

Photo: Markus Spiske on Unsplash; Map, leaflet: Magdalena Maier, Aylin Himmetoglu, Abdur Rehman Zafar