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Young Academy: Struggles over water in Latin America

Belo Monte Damm, Brasilien
| © Túllio F (, CC BY-SA 4.0

Some see hydropower as the solution to the global energy transition. But what about the people who have to make way for a reservoir? Who is consulted before a hydropower plant is built? What rights does a river actually have? What if water becomes scarce?

In Latin America, many people are calling for a democratic approach to water. People in Costa Rica have successfully protested against a mega dam. In Colombia, the constitutional court has enshrined the rights of a river. We learn from struggles around water and hydropower in South and Central America.

Following inputs from activists from Latin America and Europe, two parallel workshops on possible courses of action will take place. In the evening, there will be a public panel discussion starting at 7 pm. During the Study Day, artworks by the Río Feminista collective from Argentina will be exhibited. The event will be held in German and Spanish with consecutive translation.


The event is organized in cooperation between the Young Academy of the Archdiocese of Freiburg and the Network Postcolonial Hierarchies in Peace and Conflict Studies at the Arnold Bergstraesser Institute.

Registration is possible via the website of the Catholic Academy with the event number 128.

Click here for the flyer and program of the event (in German).



Dr. Alke Jenss (ABI, Freiburg)
Christian Russau (FDCL, Dachverband Kritische Aktionär*innen, Berlin)
Dr. Fabricio Rodríguez (ABI, Freiburg)
Jeffery López (Ditsö, Costa Rica)
Miriam Bartelmann (ABI, Freiburg)
Ximena Alarcón (Corporación Umbrales, Chile)
Ximena González (Human rights lawyer, Bogotá/Bern)
Chair: Wiebke Thomas

Who?Wiebke Thomas, Alke Jenss, Ximena González, Jeffery López, Christian Russau
Where?Katholische Akademie, Wintererstraße 1, 79104 Freiburg