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Forced Migration Studies Blog: Why deportation is not an easy migration policy solution

Judith Altrogge and Franzisca Zanker discuss the topic of deportation in a blog entry on the Forced Migration Studies Blog by the German Network for Forced Migration Studies

In recent political and public debates across Europe deportation has become a political ambition shared by many mainstream political actors. Many of the arguments brought forward in these debates side-line the various problematic dimensions that deportation enforcement brings about, but which are discussed in an extensive academic literature on the topic. Concerned about this knowledge gap, Judith Altrogge and Franzisca Zanker aim to provide an overview of the key issues in academic debates concerning deportations that illustrates that the topic is much more complex than recent political and public debates suggest. 

The full blog entry can be read on the website of the Forced Migration Studies Blog


More literature on the topic can be found in the Reading list about the meanings, consequences and geopolitics of deportations which both authors helped to compile in March.

Dilshad Muhammad on Turkey's elections and their impact on the country's refugee population

Symbolbild Zeitungsartikel

"What do the Turkish local elections mean for the country’s 4 million refugees?"

In this current article for The Conversation, Dilshad Muhammad analyses the local elections in Turkey in April 2024.

His main focus is to highlight what the political dynamics in Turkey mean for the millions of refugees who live in Turkey. As most of the parties agree, that the solution to the "refugee problem" is their return to their countries of origin, the situation remains tense.

Muhammad nevertheless concludes:

"Despite its authoritarian leadership, a key aspect of Turkey’s politics remains true: they are dynamic. The prospect of an inclusive democratisation process that can restore some dignity to refugees is far from impossible."

Read the full article here for free: