Lecture: Law on Domestic Violence and Mapuche Justice. An analysis from decolonial feminism

18. February 2021 - 12:30

As part of the ALMA Research Series digital in the winter semester Sheila Fernández Miguez (law) presents her paper "Law on Domestic Violence and Mapuche Justice. An analysis from decolonial feminism", Rosa Lehmann (political science) will discuss it.

The event takes place digital via zoom. Please register (name, first name, email address; at the bottom). You will receive a zoom link for participation.


This article presents some of the results of the research carried out under the following working hypothesis: in Chile there is a racist and macho bias in the drafting and application of domestic violence regulations. From this point of analysis, the tension between gender/race/ethnicity emerges. The interrelation between these factors makes the legal analysis more complex and opens it up to other epistemological knowledge that demanded going beyond the gender variable and an intersectional approach, highlighting the need to start from the colonial roots and the indigenous perspective. This is how we arrive at the decolonial feminist studies that underpin the theoretical framework and allow the development of the research as a whole, where we analyse International Human Rights Law and specifically the rights of women and the rights of Indigenous Peoples, in the rules of criminalisation of Domestic Violence, the preventive and punitive responses contained in the Az Mapu and the demands of Mapuche women in their struggle to eradicate male violence and advance in their recognition and autonomy as an Indigenous People.


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Law on Domestic Violence and Mapuche Justice. An analysis from decolonial feminism