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Public Lecture: Arabian Peninsula – Hierarchies and Resistance

Satellitenbild der Arabischen Halbinsel
© Bildagentur Panthermedia / Anton Balazh

A recording of the lecture by Dr Rafeef Ziadah on "Logistical hierarchies and new forms of resistance in and through the Arabian Peninsula" is now available to watch online. 

In the lecture, Ziadah gives an impulse to understand how logistics and infrastructures are entangled with spatial, political and racial hierarchies. Because of the hierarchies, aid, militarism but also resistance become integrated into moving circuits of trade and accumulation.

This event was part of the ALMA lecture series “Postcolonial Hierarchies and their Contestation from the Global South” organized by the Arnold Bergstraesser Institut (ABI) and its partners of the Postcolonial Hierarchies Network.


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