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Reading list about the meanings, consequences and geopolitics of deportation

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Reading List: The Meanings, Consequences and Geopolitics of Deportation

In recent debates, deportations have become such a widely accepted political ambition that there is little room to question the necessity of a supposedly more “efficient” deportation apparatus. Yet, many studies have shown for a long time how challenging the implementation of deportations are, that they are embedded in complex geopolitical considerations, and that deportations are often problematic from a (human) rights perspective. Last, but not least, they have devastating impact on the lives of deported people. We compiled this list and introduction in order to improve the knowledge of such critical aspects in public debates. It is addressed to researchers and students, journalists and the wider interested public.

The list was compiled in March 2024 by 

Judith Altrogge (judith.altrogge [at]
Leonie Jegen (l.f.jegen [at]
Laura Lambert (laura.lambert [at]
Franzisca Zanker (franzisca.zanker [at] 

The reading list as PDF 

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