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State crisis and elections in Chad: Helga Dickow quoted by DW

Military in Chad 2023, Helga Dickow

Chad's opposition under siege before elections

"German political analyst Helga Dickow recently returned from a trip to Chad, where she met Yaya Dillo days before his death.A crackdown on opposition leaders and activists in Chad is intensifying, casting a shadow over the country's upcoming elections. President Mahamat Deby's political opponents have been targeted by security forces. (...)

Dickows based at Arnold Bergstraesser Institut in Freiburg, suspected Dillo's siding with the late president's younger brother Salaye Deby may have been too much for Mahamat Deby to tolerate.

"Yaya Dillo had called for an investigation into the death of Idriss Deby, and Salaye Deby always said he knew what had happened," Dickow told DW.

In 2021, the Chadian army was fighting an insurgency in the north of the count. President Deby was said to have died on the frontlines after sustaining injuries. "There are those in Chad who said that both Mahamat Deby and his personal assistant played a role in Idriss Deby's death."

You can read the article in German and in Englisch.

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