Monographie (Wiss.)

A Decade of Central African Republic A Decade of Central African Republic Politics, Economy and Society 2009-2018

Kurze Beschreibung / Abstract: 
This compilation of chapters of the Africa Yearbook (2009-2018) confirms that the people of Central African Republic experienced dramatic events over a period of ten years, not only from 2013 onwards when the Séléka rebels managed to take the capital Bangui. The scattered arenas of conflict demand a differentiated look at local dynamics and actor constellations. Outside influences have interfered with domestic politics and socio-economic developments while CAR’s humanitarian crises and above all refugees and IDPs have triggered international responses on an unprecedented scale for a country that has now left the shadow zone of a typical “aid orphan”. A bibliography of recent scholarly work complements the collection of articles.
Erscheinungsdatum Online: 
Friday, 11. September 2020
Erscheinungsdatum Print: 
Thursday, 30. July 2020