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Project reports of ABI staff


Vivana Garcia Pinzon (among others): From the Inside Out: Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution in a Changing World Order. February 2024, Hamburg/Berlin: Bundeskanzler-Helmut-Schmidt-Stiftung (BKHS) & Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)

Franzisca Zanker, Amanda Bisong (2023):  Contested Mobility Norms in Africa - Reconciling Visions, Policies and Practice. April 2024, Berlin: Heinrich-Böll-Foundation.



Andreas Mehler, Wazi Apoh, Reinhart Kössler (2023): Stakeholder Approaches to the Handling and Return of Human Remains to Source Communities. Policy Recommendations from within the project “Reciprocal, interdisciplinary and transparent: provenance research with a restitutional perspective in a colonial context — on the appropriate handling of a collection of human remains using the Alexander Ecker Collection in Freiburg as an example”, funded by the German Lost Arts Foundation (DZK), handed over to the rector of Freiburg University and the representative of the Land (MWK) on 27 April 2023, Freiburg: Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institute.

Martin Adelmann, Anika Becher, Agnes Dietrich (2023): De-Colonizing Partnerships: Bericht zum SDG Hochschultag Baden-Württemberg 2023, September 2023, Freiburg: Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institute.



Julian Schärdel, Ulrich Eith (2021): Evaluation digitaler Beteiligungsprozesse mit Zufallsbürger*innen in Baden-Württemberg, Dezember 2021, Freiburg: Arnold Bergstraesser Institute.

Kuyang Harriet Logo (2021): The Political Stakes of Displacement in South Sudan, February 2021, Freiburg: Arnold Bergstraesser Institute.

Joyce Takaindisa (2021): The Political Stakes of Displacement and Migration in / from Zimbabwe, Januar 2021, Freiburg: Arnold Bergstraesser Institut.



Hampel, Annika (2020): Internationale Hochschulkooperationen der Zukunft: Außenwissenschaftspolitik am Beispiel von Transnationalen Bildungsangeboten (TNB), 2020 ifa - Institut für Außenbeziehungen

Jegen, Leonie and Franzisca Zanker (2020) Chapter 4: The political economy of migration governance in West Africa(link is external), 2020 MEDAM Assessment Report

Jegen, Leonie (2020) The Political Economy of Migration Governance in Senegal (résumé en français)

Jegen, Leonie (2020) The Political Economy of Migration Governance in Niger

Missbach, Antje / Felix Heiduk (2020): „Risking Another Rohingya Refugee Crisis in the Andaman Sea“. SWP Nr. 30, Berlin.

Rother, Stefan (2020): „Global Compact for Migration from below? The Role of Migrant Civil Society“. Newsletter of the American Political Science Association’s Organized Section on Migration and Citizenship, Spring 2020, Vol. 7, No. 2.

Moyo, Khangelani / Franzisca Zanker (2020): Political Contestations within South African Migration Governance, 2020, Freiburg: Arnold-Bergstraesser Institut.

Rother, Stefan (2020): „Migration Governance through Transnational Connectivity? The Asian Inter-Parliamentary Caucus on Labour Migration“. Occasional Paper Series, Southeast Asia Group Nr. 46, Freiburg

Zanker, Franzisca / Kwaku Arhin-Sam / Amanda Bisong / Leonie Jegen (2020): „Free Movement in West Africa: Juxtapositions and Divergent Interests“. Kiel Institute for the World Economy Nr. 2020/1, Kiel.



Kwaku Arhin-Sam (2019) The Political Economy of Migration Governance in Nigeria

Judith Altrogge and Franzisca Zanker (2019) The Political Economy of Migration Governance in the Gambia

Franzisca Zanker, Amanda Bisong, Kwaku Arhin-Sam and Leonie Jegen (2020): Free movement in West Africa: Juxtapositions and Divergent Interests, MEDAM Policy Brief 2020/1 (en francais)

Franzisca Zanker, Judith Altrogge, Kwaku Arhin-Sam, and Leonie Jegen (2019): Challenges in EU-African Migration Cooperation: West African Perspectives on Forced Return; MEDAM Policy Brief 2019/5 (en francais)

Kwaku Arhin-Sam and Franzisca Zanker (2019) Nigeria at a crossroads: The political stakes of migration governance, MEDAM Policy Brief 2019/4

Leonie Jegen and Franzisca Zanker (2019) European dominance of migration policy in Niger: On a fait les filles avant la mère, MEDAM Policy Brief 2019/3 (en francais)

Judith Altrogge (2019): GIZ-Studie „Gambische Diaspora in Deutschland“

Judith Altrogge, Martin Adelmann (2019): Stadt Freiburg Studie „Entwicklungspolitisches Engagement in Freiburg. Eine gesamtstädtische Bestandsaufnahme“

Martin Adelmann (2019): „Afrika im Blick“ Bestandsaufnahme und Perspektiven einer vertieften Kooperation von Akteuren in Baden-Württemberg und Afrika

Immo Eulenberger (2019): Bosch Stiftung Studie "Pastoralist Civil Societies: Study of civil society in Eastern African border regions"