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Conclusions, Arab Parliaments Post-2011: A Sisyphean Task?

Völkel, Dr. Jan Claudius / Dr. Paul Maurice Esber (2021): „Conclusions, Arab Parliaments Post-2011: A Sisyphean Task?“, in: Middle East Law and Governance, 13 (3), 386-393.
peer reviewed
The struggle of Arab parliaments to assert their place as strong and relevant legislative institutions in the context of the post-2011 developments, independent from exorbitant interference on the part of the executive, may appear to mirror the labors of Sisyphus, the doomed man from Greek mythology who repeatedly pushed his rock up a hill for eternity. The articles in this special issue have examined, and in so doing elucidated, the nature of the struggles faced by parliaments in the Arab world with particular attention towards Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Tunisia.
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