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Chad’s Mahamat Deby doubles down on authoritarian rule in wake of election victory

Military in Chad 2023, Helga Dickow

The official result of the presidential elections in Chad in May 2024 confirms the long-term consolidation of power of Mahamat Déby. This marks the end of the three-year transition phase after his takeover of power.

As part of her research on democratization in sub-Saharan Africa, Helga Dickow has been following Chadian politics closely for many years: She argues that the autocratic system that Chad knew for 30 years under the late Idriss Déby will continue under his son. In an article in The Conversation, Helga Dickow explains the extent of violent repression, the lack of transparency and Déby's efforts to retain power throughout the presidential elections.

The full article can be read on The Conversation website in English and in French.

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