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DW special broadcast: Africa-EU – a relationship in transition

Flaggen vor dem europäischem Parlament
©Tim Reckmann ( / CC BY-NC 2.0 Deed

On the occasion of Europe Day, Tim Glawion talks about relations between Africa and the European Union in a special programm by Deutsche Welle. 

On May 9, 1950, former French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman made a declaration that would go down in history. By proposing that Germany and France pool their coal and steel production, he laid the foundations for the construction of a European Union. Described as the “father of Europe”, EU members pay tribute to him every year on Europe Day, May 9, and thus celebrate peace and unity on the continent.

Just a few kilometers from the southern tip of Europe lies another giant: Africa. The two continents enjoy close political, economic, cultural, academic and, not least, civic relations. It's a close and complicated - sometimes conflictual - relationship, but one now in the process of redefining itself. 

In addition to Tim Glawion, Penda Mbow, historian and former Minister of Culture of Senegal, and DW correspondents in Dakar (Senegal), Cotonou (Benin) and Berlin (Germany) took part in the program. 

The French-language program can be listened to on the Deutsche Welle website.

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