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World Refugee Day: Franzisca Zanker on the outsourcing of asylum procedures to African third countries

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20 June is World Refugee Day. The UNHCR writes:

"It is the day that reminds us that millions of people are forced to leave their homes. The United Nations Refugee Agency publishes the annual "Global Trends" report, which summarises the dramatic situation worldwide in sober figures. At the same time, the UNHCR recognises the strength, courage and resilience that refugees, internally displaced persons and stateless people demonstrate on a daily basis. There are currently 120 million people on the move - the largest number of displaced persons ever recorded."

Franzisca Zanker published her analysis "Outsourcing Asylum to African States? An endeavour destined to fail" on the recently launched platform The platform offers contributions from academics on the topic, in text and video form and as podcasts. 

Franzisca Zanker's contribution looks at the European strategy of outsourcing asylum procedures to third countries and uses previous attempts at cooperation to show that the political interests of African partner countries are not being sufficiently taken into account: 

"Rwanda is not the first country to be addressed by European states in the matter of accepting third-country asylum seekers. The current debate is rather the most recent endeavour in an ongoing externalization effort that tries to convince African countries by various carrot and stick methods to take back their own “rejected” nationals, and ideally, even third-country nationals. The difficulty of successful cooperation pinpoints the unlikelihood of outsourcing asylum ever becoming a viable option for potential African partner countries."

Read the full entry here.

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