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AMMODI: understanding of African migration, mobilities, and displacements

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Migration, mobility and displacement have been, and continue to be, key dynamics and practices shaping African social, political and economic as well as physical landscapes. African migration, mobility and displacement intersect with fundamental societal issues on national, regional and global scales, from securitization processes to generational conflicts, from the politics of belonging to urban and rural infrastructures, and from labour market configurations to the technology of refugee camps. In all their diversity, these movements are at the forefront of political changes affecting African futures both on the continent and in other parts of the globe. This AEGIS collaborative research group aims to bring together research on African migration, mobility and displacement, in order to refine, elaborate, and communicate its findings in an interdisciplinary manner, acknowledging the growing relevance of these themes in the years to come.

As a platform for cross-disciplinary migration research, AMMODI has the potential to contribute nuanced analyses of African migration to both an academic and non-academic audience. A broader historical, political and socio-economic contextualisation of current trends is crucial in challenging and tempering the current tendency to criminalise and persecute migrants from the global South.



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