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Global Asylum Governance and European Union's Role" (ASILE)

The project Global Asylum Governance and European Union´s Role (ASILE) studies the interactions between emerging international protection systems and the United Nations Global Compact for Refugees. It will use an interdisciplinary approach to examine the characteristics of international and country-specific asylum governance instruments and arrangements, and their compatibility with international and regional human rights and refugee laws. ASILE is coordinated by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), takes place from December 2019 – November 2023, and focuses on Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Jordan, Niger, Serbia, South Africa, Tunisia, and Turkey.
Lewis Turners work will focus on the country case study of Jordan, building on his previous experience and expertise researching the refugee response there. For fieldwork in Jordan, he will be exploring issues including refugee status determination, refugee recognition regimes, and refugee rights in the country, with a particular focus on working rights. This will be done in close collaboration with colleagues from the University of Oslo, Professor Maja Janmyr and Professor Cathryn Costello, and with the Danish Refugee Council in Jordan, which is also an official project partner. In this, and its other work, ASILE will draw from lessons learned and promising practices to inform future policy options that are effective, fair and consistent with international and regional human rights and refugee standards.

picture: Geographical scope of ASILE regional and country-specific research, © ASILE


Duration of the project: