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Project Newsletter: “Postcolonial Hierarchies in Peace and Conflict“

Dear friends of the Arnold-Bergstraesser Institute,

As part of the interdisciplinary research network „Postcolonial Hierarchies in Peace and Conflict“, the ABI investigates, together with the Universities of Marburg, Bayreuth and Erfurt, how historically formed postcolonial hierarchies manifest themselves in contemporary conflict dynamics and what implications this has for sustainable conflict transformation. The network is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The Postcolonial Hierarchies network stands out for its multimedia and multilingual outreach. You can find all events, publications, and further information on the network's website. Coordinated by the Arnold Bergstraesser Institute, the network will soon launch its virtual encyclopaedia. For the latest updates, follow Postcolonial Hierarchies on Twitter (@postcolh22).

PS: As this is our first newsletter in English, we welcome your feedback on this matter!


Join us on November 20th: Rethinking the coloniality and violence of famines in the Global South

In this public lecture, as part of this year's ALMA Lecture Series, Swati Parashar (University of Gothenburg) sheds light on the slow and silent deaths, displacement and gendered suffering that occur in geographies of starvation, which are produced through colonial encounters. The lecture engages with the existing dilemmas of studying the violence of famines in the Global South. This public lecture will take place on 20 November at 7 p.m. at the University of Freiburg (KG III, HS 3044, hybrid participation possible).

New: Policy Paper Series Postcolonial Hierarchies in Peace & Conflict

The policy paper series (PPS) is a space for addressing the practical challenges of peace and conflict (studies) from decolonial and postcolonial perspectives. Conceived as a multidisciplinary forum, the series features research with special relevance to practitioners. In particular, it speaks to collective efforts that seek to transform the ways in which distinct colonial trajectories shape contemporary ideas and practices of peace and conflict.

Think Lab: "Undoing Hierarchies: Post- and Decolonial Knowledge and Practice"

On November 8-10, the Postcolonial Hierarchies-Network will hold its third Think Lab at the University of Erfurt. The Think Lab consists of interactive workshop sessions followed by the networks’ General Assembly. The event will close with a decolonial walking tour through the city of Erfurt. The programme includes a public roundtable featuring Robbie Shilliam, Ayşe Zarakol and Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez on Decolonising Knowledge Production.

Alke Jenss in dialogue about her book "Selective Security in the War on Drugs"

As part of the network’s latest video series "In Dialogue", Alke Jenss provides an overview of her recent book “Selective Security in the War on Drugs. The Coloniality of State Power in Colombia and Mexico“. Her work interweaves and expands debates on authoritarian neoliberalism and the coloniality of state power. In doing so, it provides a unique theoretical perspective to study state security practices in the context of the so-called war on drugs in Latin America.

Virtual Encyclopedia: Coming soon!

As an attempt to make academic knowledge more accessible, the Postcolonial Hierarchies network will launch a Virtual Encyclopaedia. It will present a compilation of theory, research, and practice in peace and conflict studies from de- and postcolonial approaches. The Virtual Encyclopaedia will be an open-access platform offering an engaging and critical compendium of crucial theoretical and conceptual debates, rigorous empirical analyses, and thorough reflection on methods and knowledge production in the field of peace and conflict. It will combine text, audio, video, and storytelling across different formats. Stay tuned for the launch of our Encyclopedia!