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Gulf hydrogen horizons: Why are Gulf oil and gas producers so keen on hydrogen?

Schütze, Dr. Benjamin / Dr. Cinzia Bianco / Prof. Dr. Natalie Koch / Dr. Rainer Quitzow / Prof. Dr. Eckart Woertz: „Gulf hydrogen horizons: Why are Gulf oil and gas producers so keen on hydrogen?“. GIGA-IASS joint webinar, Gulf hydrogen horizons, online, 2022-12-05.
Kurze Beschreibung / Abstract:
This webinar examines the recent interest in hydrogen energy among political and economic leaders in the oil and gas producing states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The region has seen many new “post-oil” energy investments over the past decade, but hydrogen energy has recently spiked in interest among Gulf oil and gas producers – especially among the state-owned hydrocarbon giants in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The event begins with a presentation from Prof. Natalie Koch, whose recent IASS Discussion Paper, “Gulf hydrogen horizons,” poses the question of why the GCC’s political and corporate leaders are keen on promoting hydrogen energy systems in the region, and how this fits with the Germany governments recent effort to promote hydrogen energy systems internationally. Discussants Cinzia Bianco, Dawud Ansari, and Benjamin Schütze draw on their expertise in the Middle East and energy geopolitics to raise further questions about the future of hydrogen energy development in Europe and beyond.
Forschungsbereich: Governance als Aushandlungsprozess
Sprache: English