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Indonesia: State and Society in Transition

Jemma Purdey, Dave McRae (2019): Indonesia: State and Society in Transition. Boulder: Lynne Rienner.
Kurze Beschreibung / Abstract:
Indonesia remains a country in transition even now, some two decades after its extraordinary shift from authoritarianism to democracy and from economic crisis to a rapidly growing economy. What explains the trajectory of that shift? What challenges does this island nation of 270 million people—with the world's largest Muslim population—face now, as the quality of democratic life erodes and it grapples with profound social and economic inequalities? Addressing these questions, the authors comprehensively explore the dynamics of Indonesia's politics, society, political economy, and culture, as well as its role in the international order.
Forschungsbereich: Patterns of (Forced) Migration
Sprache: English
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