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Authoritarian Urbanism Session Series

Diese Workshop-Reihe, angesetzt von November 2020 bis März 2021, dient sowohl der Diskussion von Papers, der Aufnahme von Gesprächen mit KollegInnen an anderen Orten als auch der gegenseitigen Vorstellung laufender Arbeiten.

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17 to 19th March, 2021

Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS)

Authoritarianism & Democracy Conference

hybrid/online format


23rd March, 2021, 12 pm (Freiburg)

Natalie Koch (Syracuse): Spatializing Authoritarianism. Beyond the Urban



Vergangene Termine:


1st December, 2020, 1 pm (Freiburg) / 9 am (São Paulo)

Francisco Comaru, Laboratório de Justiça Territorial Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC): Critical Spatial Practices of Social Movements in Inner City São Paulo


15th December, 2020, 9 am (Michigan time). (3 pm Freiburg)

Ana Paula Pimentel (Taubman, Michigan) & María Arquero de Alarcón (Taubman, Michigan):  Informal housing, self-management, participatory budget


12th January, 2021, 4 pm (Freiburg) / 3 pm (Leicester)

Loretta Lees (Leicester): Planetary Gentrification

Bahar Sakizlioglu (Leicester): Gentrification, Crisis of Social Reproduction and Gender: Gentrification Experiences of Low Income Women Living and Working in Tarlabaşı.


19th January, 2021, 4 pm (Freiburg) / 3 pm (Leicester)

Clara Rivas Alonso (Leicester): Okmeydanı as a contested site of urban (re)production: occupying trajectories of hope(lessness) in Istanbul and elsewhere

Stefano Portelli (Leicester): Spirits of displacement: working class rituals and gentrification in Casablanca

Alessandro Busa (Leicester): Links between financial markets, greening projects and green gentrification


26th January, 2021, 10 am (Freiburg) / 9 am (Manchester)

Kenny Cupers (Urban Studies, Basel): “Neoliberalism on the Ground”. How Architecture represents Neoliberalism

Nate Millington (Manchester) & Patrick Bigger (Lancaster): Getting soaked? Climate crisis, adaptation finance, and racialized austerity


10th February, 2021 (Wednesday!), 4 pm (Freiburg) / 9 am (Mexico DF)

Ana Álvarez (Citámbulos): Mexico City: Chapultepec and Miravalle Planning Processes and Community Participation

Lucila D’Urso (CONICET-Buenos Aires): Anti-union Practices in Austerity Contexts. Repression of social protest in Buenos Aires since 2015


16th Febuary 2021, 10 am (Freiburg) / 9 am (Sheffield)

Dr Begoña Aramayona (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid): Securitisation of nocturnal precarious workers in Southern Europe: a theoretical approach


23rd February, 2021, 2 pm (Freiburg) / 3 pm (Beirut)

Hugo Fanton (IRGAC, ABI): Tensions between authoritarianism and democracy in the everyday of a Brazilian favelay, urban political disputes, and authoritarian neoliberalism in Brazil

comment by Mona Harb (Research Director BeirutUrbanLab)

Shrey Kapoor (Cornell): Governing India’s Outbreaks: The BJP’s Authoritarian Populism refracted through the Covid-19 Pandemic in Ahmedabad


2nd March, 2021, 10 am (Freiburg) / 10 am (Capetown)

Khanyile Mlotshwa (IRGAC, ABI): Exploring the apartheid roots of urban authoritarianism in postapartheid South Africa

comment by Sophie Oldfield (Urban Studies, Basel /Capetown)


9th March, 2021, 10 am (Freiburg) / 9 am (Leicester)

Ayşegül Can (IRGAC, ABI): Being an Istanbulite: The Value of Resistance During a Time of Urban Governance Through Massive Projects

comment by Valeria Guarneros (Centre for Urban Research on Austerity, DeMontfort University)


16th March 2021, 10 am (Freiburg) / 9 am (Sheffield)

Michele Lancione (Sheffield): Inhabiting Dispossession: Abstracting race and class through the 'bloc'


Foto: © Alke Jenss